The eagle has landed!

Al date..000003..

Wow, this has been a journey and a half. It will have been around three years ago that I realised that Al’s world was slowly disappearing. Up until that point things had been fairly straight forward for me. My gigging led to more gigs and my teaching led to more phone calls for lessons. In my old world I didn’t even have to advertise for work, it just kept coming. Then the phone started to fall silent and the gaps between gigs started to increase in length. Hmm, something was afoot. But what?

Then it dawned on me. The human race was in the midst of it’s biggest ever mass migration. This wasn’t physical movement but I see it as a migration just the same. The real world was moving into cyberspace at an astonishing pace. The reputation I had built up over the years which had served me so well for decades was going to count for nothing. Whoops. Houston we have a problem.

Okay, there were two obvious issues. Firstly everybody was turning to google to find the bands and teachers they required and secondly you couldn’t locate me on google. In fact I had virtually no internet presence whatsoever.

So the planning began and I started buying the things I was going to need. First up was my Roland R26 field recorder which is quite simply magnificent. The good/bad thing about me is that I won’t spend money until I know what I’m doing so that purchase followed the best part of five months research.

I went through the same process to buy my camera. After many months of thought I ended up with the Canon EOS 550D which I am more than pleased with. Once I found out it had manual sound level controls it was an easy decision. Finding that out took a fair while though as most camera reviews focus on the picture taking and video side of things as you would expect. I ended up trawling through the makers PDF instruction manuals to find the information I needed. They are not exactly short stories either, more Lord of the Rings.

At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to team up with the good people at THWOTH.NET and the rest as they say is history. Cheers THWORTH, Al is a happy bunny.

So there you have it, my website is finally here and I have an internet presence. Now all I have to do is spread the gospel which will no doubt be another steep learning curve. It has been one hell of a year. Not sure if I have ever learnt so much so quickly. Certainly not since my college days back in the mid eighties.

IF you happen to be reading this and haven’t seen the site click the link below if you fancy a look and please feel free to spread the word.

I now have to focus on the content. Only another thousand videos to go and I ain’t joking there. Watch this space.

Speak soon. See ya —- Al.

Website update.

Al date..000002..

Okay,this website malarkey is both fun and frustrating at the same time but there is light at the end of the tunnel as they say. My good friends at THWOTH.NET have been the coding brains behind this project, and while it is true that I have learnt a fair bit this year I am still hanging on by my finger tips. (Some people are just a bit special and team THWOTH walk among them)

I am responsible for content which is where the bottle neck is. Having been a musician and a teacher for most of my life I arrived at the table with a brain full of ideas but no actual skills to transfer said ideas on to the net. It has been a funny old year. If I was going to offer any advice to anybody attempting a similar project it would include the following gems;

  1. Before filming starts check that your microphone is switched on folks!? (doh!)
  2. Borrow a few lights before you start filming unless you like “The Darkside” that is. (doh!!)
  3. If your camera has one of those small flip screens turn it away from you. Fourteen minutes not looking at the lens ain’t the way to go. (doh!!!)
  4. Remember that batteries like to be fed in a morning. (doh!!!!)
  5. Work on the premise that video editing will be fun once you work the program out. The first video of Tasha and myself performing “Wild Horses” technically took thirty five hours although that was from a standing start while the last performance video took ten minutes. There is only one way to learn how to use a program — dive in. (doh!!!!!)
  6. Prepare a few coping strategies for that moment when the person you have asked to analyse your teaching video see’s the obvious and sends you back to the drawing board. Thanks Tasha! The thank you is actually genuine as you were right. A fifty six year old like myself looks at the internet in a totally different way to a twenty three year old. (doh!!!!!!)

I could go on all day about all of this stuff. It has definitely been fun if a little frustrating at times.

I have dropped in another video from the sessions I did over the summer with Tasha Lawes. If you want to hear more feel free to click the following link —

Tasha Lawes and Al Bampton.

If you wish to hear more of what I get up to click the following link which will take you to my actual youtube site —-Al Bampton.

To catch my pupils in action visit The Sunday Afternoon Project’s youtube site —The Sunday Afternoon Project.

Over and out for now. (That statement will date me)

See ya — Al.