Good day to you all.

Al date..000007

And the sun is shining again. What is the world coming to? Easily the warmest summer I can remember since 1976.

Sadly there is no new material as yet but we are working behind the scenes as they say.

We have a sensational gig coming up this coming Sunday if you are in the Leeds area.

Al Bampton’s Sunday Evening Project

East of Arcadia (Meanwood)

James Raftery & Judith Watts

Robbie Anker

Al Bampton

Sunday 22nd July

If you click the link below you will be able to have a listen to James and Judith. Sounds lovely and I for one can’t wait for Sunday.

Not too much else to report but here is a video from a recent Deuce Katz rehearsal. I love this track and I love playing with this mob.

Danny’s All Star Joint (Rickie Lee Jones)

If you enjoyed more can heard by clicking the following link.

Time to go. Enjoy your days.

See ya — Al.

Back again!

Al date..000006

Okay, so we are back online again. Well, part of the way there that is.

My father has been in hospital and he and the family needed the attention. Work on the site pretty much came to a standstill. Apologies to THWOTH.NET for that but the understanding is there.

There is nothing new on the site as yet but the real world musical goings on have been fun.

I have set up a gig in a place called East Of Arcadia which is in the bustling Leeds suburb of Meanwood.

“Al Bampton’s Sunday Evening Project”

I’m chuffed to bits with the way it has been developing over the last couple of months. The ex and current pupils who have joined me have been superb.

The next gig is this coming Sunday (8th of July) and I will be joined by Harry Zalega. Formerly known as Harry Felton-Glen. Harry will be playing a mixture of his own stuff and covers. Great voice and a strong player. Come on down if you are in Leeds. Free admission and a 7.00 pm kickoff. Be there or be Somewhere else and enjoy whatever you end up doing.

I am getting back in to creating content for the site which will take a wee while. I am hoping to work on tuition and GCSE/A-level support videos over the coming months.

The road is long but the journey is fun.

I recorded this video with my mate Tasha Lawes last summer. Just a little something until the new stuff arrives. Fleetwood Mac are a “proper” band.

Rhainnon (cover) Tasha Lawes and Al Bampton

The next video is of Rosa Weiner’s first gig from The Sunday Afternoon Project back in 2010. Tasha joined in as well. I love my job!

Sexy Minx (cover) Rosa Wiener/Tasha Lawes and Al Bampton.

I have also added a few little extras to the side bar as you obviously will notice.

Back in the early nineties while living in Australia I worked with a wonderful singer/guitarist called David Giles. We recorded this version of Blue moon on a battered up old Tascam four track. We got gigs so it did the job but the recording quality obviously ain’t the the best. As I have never tried to get a record deal there are no Abbey Road recordings lying around my house and that is fine by me. Believe it or not I have very little time for the recording industry although the scenery is changing out there.

Have great days and nights and for all the true football fans out there, enjoy. Come on England! (Or in your case come on whoever it is you support. Unless they play my team that is.)

See ya — Al.

PS. Guitar Teacher Leeds.

Got a fair number of pupils heading off to University this year so I have a few spaces that could do with filling. If anybody is after tuition you can find contact info on the main site.

“Over and out” for now.