Back online!

Al date..000004..

Having told you to watch this space I must apologise for the month of silence on the blog front. It has been a fairly hectic month in my house at least, not that anybody out there would know that.

It’s fun being a complete amateur again. Planning videos, shooting videos and then editing videos efficiently requires the expertise I am in the process of learning. I love learning although this is definitely doing it the hard way. Spending a lot of time heading back to the drawing board but I am getting there slowly but surely.

I have been working on content for two new YouTube channels which will at some point be linked to the site.

First up we have AB Guitar tabs.

AB – Guitar tabs.

Clicking the link above will take you straight there or you can check out the video below to get some idea of what you will find. I have thousands of hand written tabs which I am slowly going to upload on to this site. Hopefully it will end up with the best and most popular tabs from the past with current popular hits as well, although finding time to work on new stuff at the moment is proving problematic. It is on the way though so I’m happy. Thank you to THWOTH.NET for designing and creating a chord box app for me to play with. Absolutely stunning. PDF’s may be coming soon. I will keep you posted so to speak.


The second channel is AB – Electric guitar technique.

AB.Electric guitar technique.

I have not got too much up on this site yet but it will grow over the coming months. I am planning a series of videos where I actually demonstrate various things. Coming soon as they say. Anyway, for a taste of what is to come click the link above of take a quick peek at the video below.

As I have said these channels are going to be interwoven into the actual website as things progress. Patience is a virtue I need at the moment.

Given how much of a novice I am feel free to pass on any constructive criticism you may have. Going back and changing things is something I have become well used to recently. If you have any suggestions I can be reached at the following email address;

or by using the contact form on the site itself.

I will get on top of the blog at some point. Abigail, one of my pupils has kindly offered to give me a crash course in running a blog although I will have to wait until she finishes her masters degree next month. Good luck to the lady from Al’s world. Abigail runs a blog for a company so this might be about to become a touch slicker in 2018.

I am playing with my band The Deuce Katz tonight down at The Chemic Tavern in Leeds. Feeling a bit like a caged tiger today so I suspect we will be hitting the beat well hard tonight. Just discovered that my new Fender lead has packed up. Not impressed and no recommendation for fender leads from me. Having said that I will be knocking seven bells out of my Fender strat tonight so they have been good in the past.

Okay, back to the grindstone and probably the drawing board again for now.

See ya — Al.