Wow, what a week.

Al date..000008

Al Bampton

Leeds based musician, guitar teacher and music tutor

And the sun is still shinning. Is this England or did I wake up in the wrong country.Great for outdoor gigs and really bad if you grow onions. Thinking about you guys.

Tuesday was fun although I learnt a lesson. My life has so far taught me to focus on the gig. It was only afterwards i realised that this life learnt lesson needs to be tweaked slightly.

If you are going to play on a big stage in Millennium Square (Leeds) with two of the acts you work with do make sure you leave with something to post on the net. Doh, as Homer would say. We’ll get there.

Had a stunning Evening with Tasha Lawes and The Deuce Katz. A serious thank you to all the local folks who turned up to enjoy themselves. We all had a ball so cheers from myself, Tasha and the gang that is The Deuce Katz.

AB. Tasha Lawes and Al Bampton.

The Deuce Katz.

“It’s been a long time since I rock’n’rolled”

The Evening was finished off rather well with The Boss and The Beeston Street band. If you like your Springsteen do try to catch them.

The Boss and the Beeston Sreet band.


We have a cracking gig coming up on Sunday. Tasha, Ian and myself played a birthday party a few months ago and the combinations were fun. There will effectively be two different duos and a trio. I love playing with these guys.

Al Bampton’s Sunday Evening Project

East of Arcadia (Meanwood)

East of Arcadia

Tasha Lawes

Ian Fairbairn

Al Bampton

Sunday 5th of August

Anybody interested in a bit of folk rock history may be interested in finding out more about Ian Fairbairn. These links may be of use I’ve included a video from the kind of gig he often plays – The Cambridge folk festival.

Ian “Walter” Fairbairn (wikipedia)

Ian with The Mighty Doonans playing Cambridge

There’s more

Al is trying to get his head around what we call Social Media. Interesting to observe and powerful in a good and a bad way. A bit of a paradox perhaps.

Anyway, feel free to pop by. Al is now active on Instagram and Twitter I promise to be on my best behaviour.

Al Bampton – Instagram account.

Al Bampton – Twitter account.

Possible right direction

I have a few of my transcriptions and arrangements on a YouTube channel going under the name of;

AB – Guitar tabs

I checked it yesterday to discover that one of my arrangements/transcriptions had been viewed nearly a thousand times. Most of those hits have happened in two months. Little acorns as they say.

Emimem’s Lose yourself was always popular at school. All I did was transcribe the opening piano part for the guitar. Shot out of the door regularly for years. Actually I also taught pupils to play the riff with attitude as well.

AB – Guitar tabs.

Lose yourself – Emimem

New Project

I’m investigating the concept of internet lessons using Skype. I will need to sort out my broadband first. Any tips will be gratefully accepted.

Al’s first podcast

This was fun. A big thank you to The Blind Dead McJones band for inviting me along to their radio shows podcast. Al talking for two hours. Whatever next.

For more information about The Blind Dead McJones band and chapelfm click the following links.

The Blind Dead McJones Band


“The blues ain’t dead, it’s just hard to find” – Blind Dead McJones

Moving moment of the week

A couple of days ago I caught a headline and ended up watching a wonderful music video. For me it was powerful and very moving. Rhiannon Giddens is the ladies name and the song is the first track on her new album and is titled At The Purchasers Option

As a very young teenager my father gave me an Alan Lomax recording which taught me many things. The most important lessons were that I learnt where the music I loved came from and how much pain the people who gave me it had endured for centuries. Thanks dad by the way. This lady is telling the world something that to me is very, very important and it would do well to listen. Stunning.

“you can take my body
you can take my bones
you can take my blood
but not my soul”

I would say that before you make any comment about the racial tension that exists in America you need to understand this. The advert in the video is real and was actually written by a slave owner back in the 1830’s. Understanding that slavery didn’t actually end when our history books tell us it did is crucial knowledge.

If you are moving to virtually any kind of modern popular music this is where your fun came from. My dad gave me an understanding of this which has led to lifelong respect. Sadly I cannot rewrite history.

Alan Lomax

This guy was a bit special. As well playing the music, his love of blues led to him recording people in their environment and blues musicians for over five decades starting in the 1940’s. It was real people back in the forties I was listening to on the record my father gave me. That had an impact on my life. The American Library of Congress stores over 17.000 digital files. This guy loved the music and has made sure it is remembered. Thank you Alan Lomax.

If you would like to know more about Alan Lomax click the following links

Cultural Equity – Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax – Wikipedia

Time to go. Speak soon.

See ya — Al.

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