Good day to you all.

Al date..000007

And the sun is shining again. What is the world coming to? Easily the warmest summer I can remember since 1976.

Sadly there is no new material as yet but we are working behind the scenes as they say.

We have a sensational gig coming up this coming Sunday if you are in the Leeds area.

Al Bampton’s Sunday Evening Project

East of Arcadia (Meanwood)

James Raftery & Judith Watts

Robbie Anker

Al Bampton

Sunday 22nd July

If you click the link below you will be able to have a listen to James and Judith. Sounds lovely and I for one can’t wait for Sunday.

Not too much else to report but here is a video from a recent Deuce Katz rehearsal. I love this track and I love playing with this mob.

Danny’s All Star Joint (Rickie Lee Jones)

If you enjoyed more can heard by clicking the following link.

Time to go. Enjoy your days.

See ya — Al.

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