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Al Bampton

Leeds based musician, guitar teacher and music tutor

Hi there,

okay, I have finally uploaded my second theory video on to the YouTube channel AB – Music Theory

As the quick witted amongst you will note the video below is the first video and not the newly uploaded second. Intrigue?

This is because I truly believe that it is best to start any project at the very beginning. With music this is of paramount importance.

The first video deals with the five things I believe people should get their head around before the journey begins.

  1. We have twelve notes but there are only seven letter names. What happened to H,I, J,K and L?
  2. What actually is a scale?
  3. What creates the sound of any given scale?
  4. Why do we need sharps and flats to create scales?
  5. Why we don’t use H,I,J,K and L

Hopefully the following video will be of use to you.

Video number 2 can be found on the channel so click here if you are interested. AB – Music Theory

It deals with how to easily work out the sharps needed for all the Major keys that require them.

  1. G Major
  2. D Major
  3. A Major
  4. E Major
  5. B Major
  6. F# Major

A huge thank you to Lauren for the picture used for the video thumbnail. The young lady has just taken and passed the ABRSM grade VIII theory exam. Spot on Lauren you nailed it and all the best with your music course in York. Al’s world will miss you.

While we are at it my ABRSM grade V theory students achieved 97%, 96% and 92%. Vintage year. Well done guys you have been a pleasure to teach.

If after watching the video anybody has any comments feel free to drop me a line.(Comment as you wish)

I started teaching when I was fourteen and having now taught people for forty three years the one thing I have learnt is that we all can and will get better at what we do.

I am a better teacher than I was but not as good as the one I will be.

See ya —- Al.

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