The Sunday Evening Project. (14/10/2018)

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Al Bampton

Leeds based musician, guitar teacher and music tutor

Hi there,

Another cracking gig alert, they are coming thick and fast at the moment and long may it continue.

I will be joined by the Latin American band Mestisa and the acoustic duo Siren and Strings on Sunday the 14th. This is a really strong line up so hopefully they will get the audience the gig deserves.

If you haven’t come across Mestisa yet check out the video below.

This is rather nice as well. Siren and Strings performing Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird.

Like I said, this is a really strong line up. I for one am looking forward to it.

Al Bampton’s Sunday Evening Project

East of Arcadia (Meanwood)

East of Arcadia


Siren and Strings

Al Bampton

Sunday 14th of October

7.00 pm

Be there or be somewhere else and enjoy whatever you end up doing.

See ya — Al.

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